Reader Reviews

"For the last two years I have been researching and writing my business plan for Florida post a successful vote on Amendment 2 on November 4th. It has been an interesting journey. I am learning, still learning, and I have a lot left to learn. This book assisted me in the areas of human resources, how to manage your dispensary, and working with leases. I enjoyed the book and it added to my knowledge base. I would have liked to seen more numbers on how the writer derived their figures along with a notional schedule of how events play out when setting up a dispensary and cultivation center. That said the book touched on a variety of topics. I would recommend that anyone getting into the cannabis business use this book as beginning workbook for identifying all the aspects of the business. I would also recommend the Marijuana Factbook that comes out each year. That book contains statistical data and is a wealth of information. Keep this book handy and treat it like a workbook checking off the items and writing notes to yourself along the way." ~ Bill Monroe

"This is a cutting edge book that is well written and interesting... Jeff Grissler's narrative captures your attention and holds it to the end ...well researched and informative, a must read in light of the current atmosphere and movement throughout the country to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Grissler's straight forward and concise style serves to reduce the "demonizing effect" of this topic...the informative data contained in this book should appropriately inform the legislative process surrounding this issue in the coming years." ~ Amazon Reviewer

"Mr. Grissler knows retail and he knows marijuana. The book starts off slowly and just keeps getting better. This is like having a smart consultant telling you in advance how to position your business in the local market and warning of the gotchas you never thought of. The information provided is immense. He covers location, site and building selection, business plan, signage, pad build-out, working with contractors, security, hvac and city hall red tape and much more. This is not a dry business school case study but a hands-on practical application of sound retail business practices absolutely required if you intend to work in this field. Some of the topics are universals for any retail business. As a former jewelry store owner who made his share of mistakes selecting a retail location, I can assure you this book is worth every dime and minute of time you spend reading it. He paints with a broad brush and then drills down to cover the many costly little nuances that are so easy to overlook. I was absolutely astounded at how thorough and well written this is. He nails the subject right down to how many blueprints you'll need, working with inspectors, staffing, and the all important retail topics of floor plan layout and lighting. If you are considering getting into the retail marijuana business then you better read this book." ~ Tom G.